tangi dur karne ki dua wazifa amal

Rizq Or Karobaar Ki Tangi Door Karne Ki Dua Amal

‘Rizq ki Tangi Door Karne ka Amal’ is used for driving the losses away from the business. This method was written in the Holy Quran and people believe that Allah wrote it to help humanity.

Gaining profit in business is a tough thing to do especially in this era where everyone is doing business to earn money. Competition, low rates, and other issues have taken the business to the ground. Many businessmen are facing problems in their businesses.

People are struggling a lot due to these issues. They face more loss and less profit. Money is important for our survival. No one can survive without money. Poverty is a curse and no one should face it.

Karobaar ki Tangi Khatam Karne ka Amal

You can try this ‘Karobaar ki tangi khatam karne ka amal’ if you are facing problems in your business. It has benefited many businessmen who almost lost their business. The Quran is a really powerful book that’s why this method was published in the Quran so needy people use it to grow their business. This Islamic Amal is special because it removes the evil eye, reduces the losses, increases the profit, brings customers and various beneficial deals, adds wealth in business. Overall, it grows the business and makes the performer rich. 

tangi dur karne ki dua wazifa amal
tangi dur karne ki dua wazifa amal

So if you are struggling to grow your business then this ‘Karobaar ki tangi khatam karne ka amal’ is your hope and the best option. It will work if applied properly and it will help you to grow your business into manifolds. After applying this ‘Rizq ki tangi door karne ka amal’ you will never have to worry about money. It will give you enough wealth to feed upcoming generations. It is a really powerful Islamic Amal but performs it as mentioned below.

Rizq ki Tangi Door Karne ka Amal

Though, you don’t have to worry if you make any mistakes as this ‘Rizq ki tangi door karne ka amal’ does not have any side effects. It is completely safe and gives the best results. To perform it to save your business and to bring wealth into your life.

This ‘Karobaar ki tangi khatam karne ka amal’ is divided into a few steps and you have to apply it in the same way to get the maximum benefits.

Here is ‘Rizq ki tangi door karne ka amal’. Read the instructions carefully to apply them properly.

  • Allah kisi ko kabhi kisi ka mohtaj na banaye lekin kabhi  kabhi halat itne kharab ho jate hai ki rizq mei tanggi aa jati hai mere bhai or behno abh aapko fikar karne ki zaroorat nahi bilkul bhi hum aap k liye aisa Amal laye hai jis mei aap ko rizq ki tanngi kabhi mhesoos nahi hogi. Aaye is Amal pe thoda gaur farmaye. Is Amal ko aapne farz namaz ke baad aur raat ko sone se pahele Suraj Al-Imran ki ye 2 ayatein kasrat ke sath parhe ga  uski tangdasti door ho jayegi aur rizq bohat he zayda barkat ho jayegi or sath he sath bohat khula naseeb hoga. Is Amal se har pareshani door bhi ho jayegi aapki or ye Amal bade se bade aap k masle door bhi kar dega aapka
  • Surah Al-Imran Ayat #26

ALlAHUMMA Maalikal Mulki tu’til mulka man tashaa’u wa tanzi’ulmulka mimman tashaa’u wa tu’izzu man tashaa’u wa tuzillu man tashaa’u biyadikal khairu innaka ‘alaa kulli shaitan Qadeer”

  • Is Amal ko aap kasrat k sath padhte rahe is Amal me itni taakat hai. Aur is Amal ki khaas baat ye hai ki yeh Amal padhne k baad aapko kabhi bhi kisi ka mohtaj nahi bana hoga na aap aap kisi k samne hath fehlane ki zarurat hogi is, Amal ne bade bade masle hal bhi kiye hai. Insha allah aap is Amal ko padein aap ki tamam muskile door ho jayengi hamesha liye

Rizq ki Tangi Door Karne ki Dua

‘Rizq ki Tangi Door Karne ki Dua’ is recited when there is a problem in business or the business is going into loss and not gaining profit. This powerful Islamic ‘Rizq ki Tangi Door Karne ki Dua’ is really effective if you want to become rich and bring wealth to your family. It will fulfill all your wishes and make you rich within some time. ‘Rizq ki Tangi Door Karne ki Dua’ is a special prayer taken from the holy Quran.

Here is ‘Rizq ki Tangi Door Karne ki Dua’

Tu’lijul laila fin nahaari wa tu’lijul maharaj fil lailee wa tukhrijul hatya minalmayyiti wa tukhrijul mayyita minal hayyi wa tarzuqu man tashaa’u bighairi hisab’

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