talaq karwane ki dua, wazifa amal

Talaq Karwane ki Dua, Amal, Wazifa or Taweez

Assalamualaikum my brothers and sisters! May the Almighty Allah show his mercy and peace be upon of you all. Bismillah Hirrahma Nirrahim, let us know the talaq karwane ki dua. You know my brothers and sister, marriage in Islam or in other religion plays a vital role in a person’s life. And after the successful marriage done in your life, you have the responsibilities of your husband or wife. If your husband or wife is making any types of mistake, then you have to advise him or her. That advise should not be only the choice of you but also that choice helps your family as well.

In most of the marriage, we have seen that if anyone either he is a husband or she is a wife does not understand their partner. Then the biggest problem arises, in that case, it lead to a divorce or the talaq which is not good. But my brothers and sisters, in every relationship, problems arise due to family problems, money problem or other serious problem. But if you are not fighting with these problems in your life then maybe you are not a human being. Because every human being has problems in their life and breakage of relationship is not the end or a conclusion. You know my brothers and sisters, the relationship between husband and wife is like the diamond in this world. It is the Diamond not only in the eyes of the human being but also in the eyes of Almighty Allah. But if your partner does not like you and he/she does not want to leave his/ her life with you. Then at that time, you have to take the help from Wazifas, Taweez, Istikhara, and the talaq karwane ki dua.

Talaq Karwane ka Wazifa

talaq karwane ki dua, wazifa amal
talaq karwane ki dua, wazifa amal

Because with the help of a Wazifa, Taweez, Istikhara, and dua, you solve all types of problems from your life. My brothers and sisters have you ever think that why the marriages are successful or unsuccessful. In general case, successful marriages are those types of marriages in which both the partners live happily with each other. Whereas unsuccessful marriages are those types of marriages in which both the partners could not adjust with each other. In unsuccessful marriages both the husband and wife never give happiness to themselves because they don’t talk with each other. If the husband is doing any bad/ worst thing, then a wife didn’t tell him that you are doing wrong. If a wife is doing any worst or bad thing, then husband didn’t tell her that you are doing wrong. This is the main reason for the unsuccessful marriage, and their life is just like a Messy and a troublesome.

There is only one solution for both the husband and wife to get rid of such unsuccessful marriage is divorce. If you are getting problem in divorce, then you can use talaq karwane ka wazifa. Now you have to do this with the help of wazifa or dua for divorce.

Here is the “Talaq karne ka wazifa

  • First of all you have to wake up in the Fajar time and then do a perfect Wudu according to the Sunnah.
  • And then you have to offer your Fajr prayer and then start reciting Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.

    “Allaah Hum-maa Sallii-Aalaa-Muhammadiiw-Waa
    Aalaa-Aalii-Muhammadinn-KaamaaSal-Laitaa-Aalaa-Ibraahimaa-WaaAalaa Aalii IbrahimaaInn-naka Hamiidumm-MajeedAllah Hummaa Bariik Aalaa MuhammadiiwWaa Aalaa Aalii Muhammadinn Kaamaa Barakta AalaaIbraahimaa Waa Aalaa AaliiIbrahimaa Inn-naka Hamiidumm-Majeed” 

  • After Reciting this Darood Shareef, now you have to recite the Surah Lahab 41 times.
  • Now again, you have to recite the Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Take two crystals of salt in your fingers and blow on it taking the names of both the person.
  • Now, pray to Allah for Divorce and perform this daily for 21 consecutive days.

And In Sha Allah ALLAH will shiw his mercy and helps you.

Before doing talaq karwane ka wazifa, you also have to contact with the maulana ji or another Islamic person.

Talaq Karwane ka Amal

If you have any problems in your life with your husband/wife, then divorce is only the solution to solve this problem. Because divorce is that legal way from which you have to get rid of your partner (husband or wife). If you are a wife and you want to divorce from your husband then first ask this from the husband. And if you are husband and you want to divorce from your wife then first ask this from the wife. If you are unhappy with your partner husband/wife and you, want a divorce from him/ her as soon as possible.

Then you have to perform the Talaq Karne ka Amal. With the help of this amal, you can free yourself from your partner (husband and wife). This amal will remove all the hurdles and troublesome that are coming across your way to divorce. Reciting this amal for some of the days which will solve your all the problem on a permanent basis. It will give you all those things which you are wanting.

Talaq Karwane ka Taweez

There are also various types of taweez for love back and other such things. If you want to know that the talaq Karwane ka taweez then you have to consult the Molvi Sahab. And In Sha Allah after consulting Molvi Sahab, you will find some results, those results which are you looking for.

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