dua for cheating and unfaithful husband

Dua for Cheating or Unfaithful Husband

Assalamualaikum dear sisters, in this post we will be writing about a dua for cheating husband. By studying this Dua, you’ll be able to control and stop your husband from cheating on you.

We know how difficult it can be to know how it feels like to know that your husband is cheating on you with another woman or is about to cheat. And the worst part is, you cannot do anything, because you lack the support and courage to prove it.

Cheating is a choice, not a chance, the person who has cheated on has probably forgotten your worth and your value in his life. The one who cheats his wife or the one who cheats her husband will be accountable for everything they’ve done behind their back in the afterlife.

dua for cheating and unfaithful husband
dua for cheating and unfaithful husband

Being jealous is normal but it depends on the extent of your partner’s behavior too. Your husband will start losing interest in you when he gets attracted by someone else. You won’t feel the same bond and love in your married life as before. You start losing faith in your husband and you will want to make him yours again. Even though at some point you’ll hate him for what he has done behind your back.

After all, you’re his wife and you need him to love you only and you won’t be able to handle it if he loves them more.

So the dua for cheating husband is given below.

Dua for Cheating Husband

Marriage only remains good if both husband and wife remain loyal and be honest with each other. If one starts keeping secrets or stars to hurt the others, it will eventually start to fall apart.

Both husband, as well as wife, need to take marriage seriously and take care of each other well as it only happens once in our lifetime. If both of you stay loyal and true to each other, then neither of you will have to recite these dua for cheating husband and such.

And some husbands start being rude to their wives and don’t include them while making important decisions. These husbands need to understand that we do not live in a men dominant society anymore, both husband and wife have equal rights over everything and anything in the household as well as in society.

In most of the cases, these behaviors start happening when your husband is cheating on you with some other woman. Yes, it is hard to deal with but there’s a way you can actually find out if your husband is cheating on you or not.

This simple way is to follow our procedure of dua for cheating husband

  • You need to be in wudu state
  • You can recite this dua for cheating husband at any time.
  • All you have to recite is “Surah al-maidah” at least 51 times along with Durood-e-Shareef in the beginning as well as in the end.

Then In Sha Allah, Almighty Allah SWT will guide and let you have the most deserving results out of this dua for cheating spouse.

Dua for Unfaithful Husband

If your husband is keeping secrets and isn’t loyal to you, then you must consider talking to him about it, if ever had a bond like that and if you’re comfortable asking so. Otherwise, if you just doubt him for doing so then you can just follow the dua for unfaithful husband and Almighty Allah SWT shall let you know about it soon.

The Dua for unfaithful husband goes the same as for Dua for cheating husband as given above. But if you want to recite it as a wazifa, then you can recite the same Surah for 786 times for results.

Then you’ll definitely know if your husband is cheating on you and the dua for cheating spouse.

Keep faith in Almighty Allah SWT and always try to imagine your husband’s face while reciting and praying these Duas for your husband.

Conclusion :

As a side point, if you’re one of those husbands who is cheating on her wife. Then, you need to understand that she’s more valuable to you than that other woman can ever be. Whilst you’re cheating on her, she’s still there reciting Dua for cheating husband just to get you back.

And in the current generation, your wife won’t face much of your violence and ignorance. If you’re hurting her, she will try to make everything right but if you still don’t change. Then you’ll lose her. You’ve to give her the attention she deserves before she leaves you out of nowhere.

In Sha Allah, both of you’ll be happy and lead a good life by staying true to each other.

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