dau to make husband listen to you

Dua to Make Husband Listen to You

Husbands annoyed most of the time when the wife says something to him and diverted the husband from the wife. In this case, the wife getting depressed day by day and want to solve this problem. You can definitely solve this problem and depression with the help of dua to make husband listen to you.

But for this type of wife who is the sufferer, has suspension for the problem can be solved by dua to make husband listen to you. There are lots of strong dua to make my husband talk to me can be found, wife just applies the dua at her own space. For this dua, the wife will not visit any distinct place.

For Practicing this dua, the wife has to wear a fresh dress. The equipment which is also used for this process of dua is not so hard. Because it is the way to transfer your wish to the Almighty Allah. The Almighty Allah is the one, who can solve the problem. Dua for a delighted family:

Allaummaj–almin azwajina, wah dhuriyaatina qurata a–ayunin waj-alna lil mutaqena imaama”.

Dua to Make Husband Obedient

Dua to make husband obedient is the way, which’s practiced by the wife who makes their husband listen to them. Sometimes wife harassed by their husband and they seem like an animal by their husband. Husband beat their wife, torture them. Husband feels, they are the male gender and can do anything that he wants. Because they are in dominant position an most of the wife is not able to bear this type of domination. For this, they find a solution and commit suicide.

dau to make husband listen to you
dau to make husband listen to you

But Islamic dua for making husband obedient can solve this type of relationship problem.  Women should increase their inner ability to face the problem. So, your husband can find the real track of life and will realize what’s the worth of wife. Practicing vashikaran or dua for solving this type of problem will help you. If you will perform this then you will not get a temporary result but permanent results. After following this, your husband’s nature will convert according to your desire and you can create a very happy marital life.

Dua to Make Husband Loyal

A good marital life is like a blessing from heaven. Most people are not happy with their marriage life. It is very common cases that wives are harassed by the husband, tortured, and also murdered. But the dua to make husband loyal can solve the problem easily. It can bring the family happiness back.

When Husband feel they are superior to the women because they are in the dominant position. They do not follow the command or speech that are provided by their wife. These Couples face direct or indirect loss in their marriage life.

When wives are concerned that their partners are not loyal to them and are constantly in contact with other women, they can perform this dua to make husband responsible and force their partners back under their control. By praying for their husbands, they can prevent them from pursuing another woman.

Dua to make husband loyal is this

Allaah hu maah, s Ali a laa muhamaden waaa aali Muhammad”. That means, Almighty Allah, glorify Muhammad and bless the offspring of Muhammed.

Recite of the dua ‘Wallahul Muslaa Anu alla maa tasifoon, Yaa rafeequ yaa shafequ najjinee min kulizequin.’ It is the process that is practiced by the wife and this dua can help for solving the problems whose husbands are not obedient.

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