dua to make something happen

Islamic Dua to Make Something Happen

Court cases, tribulations, challenges, and many other critical problems are the part of every person’s life. Although, to counter that already Allah has provided us with the most powerful tool and that is the tool of Dua or asking to make something happen. This Dua is real and you can implement this Dua in real life get something happens that you want.

Dua to make things happen quickly

Nothing is impossible for Allah, I mean nothing! But I didn’t mean we can ask Allah for something impossible. Although we can still make Dua for something where we have a chance to get it, and If we do an effort on it, we will get the result very fast.

dua to make something happen

When I was a kid, I have been taught that the Dua must be conducted by an effort and the usefulness of making Dua is to help our efforts. That’s why I never ask which is beyond my ability. So, we ask something that we still have a chance to get into and we must have to struggle hard.

Allah did not answer always all of my Dua’s but most of the time I got surprised which gave me really effective advantages after my hard effort.

Dua to make something come true

All of us will be tested by the Allah and therefore we will have to pass through that times which would seem too difficult to us but indeed Allah will be preparing us to be stronger and firm on our Imaan. So, at that time, the best way to ask help from Allah and it is the way Allah and Prophet taught us to face that situation.

Below I will share some effective Dua which we must recite at the of such difficulty;

  • Recite “Salawat (Sending blessing on the Prophet)” 11 times

“Allahumma Salli Ala

Muhammadin Waa

Alaaali Muhammadin Kama Sallyta ala

Ibraheema  Wa Ala aaliibraheema

Innaka Hameedum Majeed”


Allah will send your mercy on Muhammad and his posterity as you sent your mercy on Abraham and his posterity. You are the best Praised, the most Glorious. Allah will send your blessing on Muhammad and his posterity as you sent your mercy on Abraham and his posterity. You are the best Praised, the most Glorious.

Dua to make someone do something

The number one criteria for a Dua to be accepted, in the right way, is sincerity usually we buy a book of Dua. And we have no idea of what the Dua’s book says or what is the main prosper of that book.

Allah does not place a burden on us greater than we can bear if the answer to your Dua has been delayed. It’s because Allah knows you can handle it. The following Dua will help you to make someone do something for you;

  • Recite the following prayer 500 times;


  • Recite the following Dua 571 times;


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