dua to marry someone you love

Dua to Marry Someone you Love

Dua to marry someone you love helps those people who want to do love marriage. But sometimes your lover whom you love so much doesn’t know about your feeling. Then at that time, dua to marry someone you love helps you to create the feelings in his or her heart. So, if you want to need a pious partner who makes your life heaven.

Then you should have to recite this dua daily for 7, 11, or 13 times a day. You can also recite this dua along with Darood e Paak 7 times before and after this dua to get married to someone you love. In the end, you can put complete trust in the Almighty Allah SWT.

Dua to marry someone you love works in reality, lots of peoples get benefits from this dua. And now they have a good partner. There are many scenarios where someone wants to get married to the desired person. But the person is not willing to marry for some reason and these reasons are so many.

No matter how many big reasons you and your partner are facing in your life. With the help of this dua, you will remove and solve all your problems.

Dua to marry someone of your choice

A dua to marry someone of your choice is also the most beneficial supplication to the Almighty Allah. It is used widely in the Islamic religion. As per the Islamic tradition, Dua is one of the easiest ways by which you can get your prayer heard by the Almighty Allah. And this is only the dua to communicate with the Almighty Allah SWT.

dua to marry someone you love
dua to marry someone you love

Dua to marry someone of your choice depends on what you truly want from your heart. You have to make sure that whatever you are asking for is something that means a lot to you. If you need your lover through marriage, then this is the right time you should make a Dua.

We all know that marriage is the only thing from your you will get your lover without any problem. But we all know that, while doing a love marriage, a person faces lots of problems. And if your lover totally agrees with you then you don’t have to take any type of tension. You just have to make agree to your parents and your lover’s parents nothing else.

Do you want to marry the person you love the most? Do you want someone to love you back? Dua to marry someone of your choice works for both;

Repeat the following Dua 127 times per day

“Barakallahuuu Lakaa

Waa Barakaa Alaikaa

Waa Jama Aa Bainakumaa Fii Khairinn”

“O Causer of the causes. O he who open the doors, O he who gives an answer to the call from wherever he is called.”

Repeat 21 times a day, And then recite the Surah Al Muzzammil (Chapter 73). In Sha Allah very soon you will see the results.

Dua to marry with your lover

A genuine lover would like to reach marriage, as it is the final destination of the journey of love. When someone you love from the heart is going to get married to someone else without the person knowing about the love you share. Allah can best respond to your requests for help if you make duas.

Shaykh Muhammad Ali – Yaqoubi has provided this dua. He has taken this dua from the holy book Quran. So, brothers and sisters, this dua will definitely help you. Repeat and recite this dua while seeking marriage for both men and women. There are two Duas, one is for males and another is for females. Contact him for faster results.

Below is a dua for a male to recite

“Rabbi inne lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqeerun”

My Almighty Allah! Truly I’m really in need of whatever goes good which you bestow on me. Recite this Dua 100 times a day and stop reciting it when you find her. And below is the Dua for Female.

Females should recite the whole Surah Dhuha (Surah 93) 11 times before zenith.

“Waaldduha, Waallayli itha saja. Ma waddaAAka rabbuka wama qala. Walalakhiratu Khayrun laka mina aloola. Walasawafa yuAAteeka rabbuka fatarda. Alam yajidka yateeman faawa. Wawajadaka dallan fahada. Wawajadaka AAailan faaghna. Faamma alyateema fala taqhar. Waamma alssaila fala tanhar. Waamma biniAAmati rabbika fahaddith.”

Note: For women during their menstrual cycle, the surah should be skipped, but they should continue reciting it for the entire 41-day period.

We can provide customized help in this regard if you do not get any results within 41 days. So, just contact our Mufti Sahab now via call or Whatsapp.


Q. Which dua is good for marriage?

Ans. Any duas to marry someone you love is the best.

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  1. I want you to repeat for me in English prayer for getting back my love for someone I want get her back in my life

    1. Dear Hamisi, please read our other articles that we have already published, and if you want to read all those articles, just search your queries in the search bar.

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