dua to marry someone you love

Dua to Marry Someone you Love

If you want to be with a pious partner, with the blessed Waseelah of Habib Pak Sallal Laahu Taala Alayhi Wa Lallam, then one should have to repeat this Dua daily for 7, 11 or 13 times a day, along Darood e Paak 7 times before and after this Dua at the end with the firm belief Dua for oneself.
Islamic Dua/Wazifa works in reality, we all after the point of the time want to get married and settle down with the person who we love the most. There are many scenarios where someone wants to get married the desired person but the person is not willing to marry for some reason.

Dua to marry someone of your choice

A Dua is a supplication to Allah and it is used widely in the Islamic religion. As per the Islamic tradition, Dua is one of the easiest ways by which you can get your prayer heard by Lord Allah and Dua is the media to communicate with Allah.

dua to marry someone you love
Dua depends on what you truly want from your heart, make sure that whatever you are asking for is something that means a lot to you and for which you are trying your best. I something is not working out the way it should work, then this is the right time you should make a Dua.
Do you want to marry the person you love the most? Do you want someone to love you back? Dua works for the both;
Duaa 181; Repeat the following Dua 127 times per day;
“O Causer of the causes. O he who open the doors, O he who gives an answer to the call from wherever he is called.”
Repeat 21 times a day; Surah Al Muzzammil (Chapter 73). Inshallah very soon you will see the results.

Dua to marry with your lover

Shaykh Muhammad Ali – Yaqoubi; said Dua to repeat while seeking marriage for both men and women. There are two Duas, one is for male and another is for female.

Below is a dua for male to recite;

“Rabbi inne lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqeerun”

My Lord! Truly I’m really in need of whatever goes good which you bestow on me! Recite this Dua 100 times a day and stop reciting it when you find her.

And below is the Dua for Female;
Females should recite the whole of Surah Dhuha (Surah 93) 11 times before zenith.

“Waaldduha, Waallayli itha saja. Ma waddaAAka rabbuka wama qala. Walalakhiratu Khayrun laka mina aloola. Walasawafa yuAAteeka rabbuka fatarda. Alam yajidka yateeman faawa. Wawajadaka dallan fahada. Wawajadaka AAailan faaghna. Faamma alyateema fala taqhar. Waamma alssaila fala tanhar. Waamma biniAAmati rabbika fahaddith.”

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